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  • Pharmaceutical Production (Small Molecule)


    Avantor's portfolio of chemicals delivers the quality, consistency and collaborative support our small-molecule customers need to create the next-generation of medicines and improve the welfare of patients worldwide. 

    Deliver innovative and high-quality formulations in less time, solve your most difficult formulation challenges, and achieve greater cost-effectiveness.

    Our excipients help you formulate, manufacture and innovate with confidence. No matter how the drug or treatment is delivered, excipients from Avantor help make your pharmaceutical products more effective in addressing the needs of patients.

    Click on the image below to view Avantor's excipient product range.

    Excipient Product Range


    Innovate with Confidence  

    Quality without Compromise

    When Avantor (then the J.T.Baker® Chemical Company) was founded in 1904, our mission was to produce chemicals of the "highest degree of purity commercially available." Some things never change.

    Avantor offers our pharmaceutical customers proven quality supported by world-class quality systems that are designed to meet the evolving needs of the global marketplace. We emphasize all aspects of quality - from raw material procurement, to cGMP manufacturing, handling and distribution - and we keep you informed of all pertinent changes that could impact your processes. 


    We serve our pharmaceutical customers with two global brands:





    Avantor was the first company to include lab results listing trace impurity levels on our labels, and for more than a century transparency has been a core value. By sharing product information openly - and ensuring that our products meet industry standards - we help you achieve faster compliance and clear the path for regulatory approval.  


    Support at Every Stage

    We have the ability and experience to understand customer processes and goals, then apply that understanding to deliver chemicals with precisely the right properties and consistency to meet your unique performance criteria and patient care objectives.

    Our applications specialists will help you solve your difficult small molecule formulations with our portfolio of co-processed excipients. From the start of your process, we will work with you to scale your production from the lab through the pilot plant and into full scale-manufacturing.