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  • Pharmaceutical Production (Small Molecule)

    Pharma-Pharm-Markets-and-Apps2Maximize pharmaceutical manufacturing efficiency, improve speed to market, minimize risk and improve regulatory compliance with Avantor.

    Avantor is a supplier to many of the largest and most prolific pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world. Our pharmaceutical customers choose Avantor because our products offer the quality and application-specific consistency they need to innovate with confidence. Avantor products help our pharmaceutical customers to create the next generation of medicines and to improve the welfare of patients worldwide.

    Avantor excels in chemical processing, including high-purity custom blending for any application and advanced synthesis and purification processes. We’re a leader in particle engineering and surface modification, so your molecules perform to the most exacting standards while meeting evolving market needs. Add our full-service blending, granulation and micronization capabilities, and you have the formula for superior lot-to-lot consistency and greater production flexibility for any product.

    Clearing the Path to Regulatory Approval

    Avantor’s multi-compendial biopharmaceutical chemicals are recognized worldwide and meet stringent global regulatory and industry “best practice” standards  Our chemicals help  our customers prepare for production or clinical trials confidently. Our cGMP-manufactured products meet the full specifications--including quality and purity requirements--of USP, NF, EP (PhEur), BP, IP and JP.

    Pharmaceutical Process Technologies Supported 

    Products to Enhance Pharmaceutical Production   

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